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Indian breads include Chapati, Paratha, Naan, Puri, Roti and many more.

From the word chapat means “slap” in Hindi. This is an unleavened bread is formed by slapping and stretching  the dough between the palms of the hand before cooking on a tava—a flat, disc-like frying pan.
The chapati is India’s common staple food and is is perfect for any wet curry or stew. It has a mild, nutty flavour.


A really popular is a beautiful crisp unleavened flatbread. They are flaky, chewy and denser than chapatis the paratha’s flaky, chewy texture is made by ghee-layering and folding in the same way as making of puff pastry. Parathas are baked on a hot tava before getting shallow-fried off. Goes well with dry and thick curries.

The best known of Indian breads, cooked fresh from the tandoor it is fantastic with tandoori chicken and kebab. where it is traditionally made. 
Keema Naan

Kheema or Queema is minced meat cooked with aromatics and Indian spices. The meat is commonly goat in but tends to be lamb or sheep outside of India.


Roti is a type of flatbread served with Indian food. It is served with curries instead of rice or can be rolled with a filling inside. Made without yeast, this bread is just a simple mixture of flour (white, wholemeal or half and half), salt, vegetable oil or ghee it is very quick and easy to make.


Generally puri is a deep-fried bread, it can be made and used in different ways but is often eaten at breakfast ut can be a snack food with a curry or bhaji.


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