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Our Cardiff Curry Directory starts with the history of Indian restaurants in Cardiff, as in many other parts of the United Kingdom, is closely tied to the immigration patterns that brought people from South Asia to the region. Indian restaurants started to appear in Cardiff during the mid-20th century. These early establishments primarily catered to the local British population and often served adapted versions of Indian dishes to suit British tastes.

The 1960s and 1970s saw an increase in immigration from countries like India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, leading to a growth in the number of Indian restaurants in Cardiff. Many of these immigrants brought their culinary skills and traditional recipes with them, contributing to the diversification of the local food scene.

Cardiff’s City Road became particularly known for its concentration of Indian and South Asian restaurants, earning it the nickname “Curry Mile.” Over the years, the quality and variety of Indian cuisine in Cardiff have continued to evolve, with restaurants offering a range of dishes from different regions of the Indian subcontinent.

India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan have all produced outstanding chefs who are in strong demand. The culinary talent can come from all over these countries. The subcontinent’s cuisines are incredibly diverse, with each region having its own unique flavors and cooking techniques. Here are some general culinary regions known for their contributions:

  1. India:
    • Punjab: Known for its rich and flavorful dishes like butter chicken and tandoori items.
    • Kerala: Famous for its seafood dishes and the use of coconut in curries.
    • Bengal: Known for its use of mustard oil and distinct use of spices in dishes like fish curries.
    • Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh): Renowned for its traditional Awadhi cuisine, including kebabs and biryanis.
    • South India: Offers a wide range of dosas, idlis, and other dishes with a focus on rice and lentils.
  2. Bangladesh:
    • Dhaka: The capital city known for its spicy and flavorful curries.
    • Chittagong: Known for its distinct seafood dishes and the use of mustard pastes.
  3. Pakistan:
    • Punjab: Similar to Indian Punjab, known for dishes like various forms of kebabs and rich curries.
    • Sindh: Known for its flavourful Sindhi biryanis and unique spice blends.
The first purely Indian restaurant was the Hindoostanee Coffee House, which opened in 1810 near Portman Square in London’s Mayfair area. The owner of the restaurant was a fascinating character who served in the army of the East India Company as a trainee surgeon. 
The Bombay Cafe CardiffWales’s first Indian restaurant was The Bombay which first opened on West Bute Street in Cardiff Bay in 1953 having closed in the 1980s, it was reopened this year by the grandchildren of the original owner. 
The Bombay’s characterful café interior is similar to the cafés of Mumbai – breakfasts include  a toasted bun with butter, traditionally dipped in chai, (bun maska) and naan rolls, other curries were authentically cooked on the bone.

Chicken masala is the UK’s favourite curry mirrored in Wales some experts believe the secret allure is in the chilli.

Chilli peppers contain a compound called capsicum, which temporarily burns out the pain sensors in our mouth. It comes from the same chemical family as morphine, perhaps that is why curries are so addictive. In our Cardiff Curry directory you can use the tags for heat to find the curry strength you like.

Often the basic ingredient is sheep meat so perhaps it’s a genetic thing.In Wales you’re brought up on lamb with gravy and so it’s not hard to make the jump to a curry sauce of some kind then add the breads and poppadoms they use, Welsh people are well we are used to stuffing ourselves with bread, so that’s not unusual.

1. Mint and Mustard: Mint and Mustard is a critically acclaimed Indian restaurant known for its innovative approach to Indian cuisine. It gained popularity for its modern take on traditional Indian dishes and its focus on using high-quality ingredients.

2. The Cinnamon Tree: The Cinnamon Tree is another popular Indian restaurant in Cardiff, known for its diverse menu featuring dishes from various regions of India. It’s known for its elegant atmosphere and flavorful curries.

3. Purple Poppadom: Purple Poppadom is a restaurant that combines traditional Indian flavors with modern techniques. It gained attention for its creative dishes and unique presentation. Anand George is the chef behind the acclaimed Indian restaurant “Purple Poppadom.” He’s known for his creative approach to Indian cuisine, blending traditional flavours with contemporary techniques.

4. Spice Quarter: Spice Quarter offers a wide range of Indian dishes in a contemporary setting. It’s known for its buffet-style lunch and dinner options, which include various curries and tandoori items.

5. Chai Street: Chai Street is known for its street food-inspired Indian dishes, offering a more casual dining experience. It gained popularity for its affordable and flavourful options.

You can of course find in addition to the Cardiff Curry directory a comprehensive directory of the Curry restaurants in Wales on the Curry Wales site.

Cardiff Curry directory – Favourite Curry Types

  1. Chicken Tikka Masala: Often considered a British invention, this dish features marinated and grilled chicken pieces served in a creamy tomato-based sauce. It’s known for its mild and slightly sweet flavor.
  2. Korma: A mild curry dish made with yogurt, cream, and various spices. It’s known for its rich and creamy texture.
  3. Rogan Josh: This Kashmiri curry is characterized by its deep red color and is often made with tender pieces of meat cooked in a flavorful sauce.
  4. Jalfrezi: A spicy curry dish made with marinated meat or vegetables, cooked with bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes. It’s known for its vibrant flavors.
  5. Madras: A hotter curry that originates from the South of India. It’s known for its intense spiciness and robust flavor.
  6. Vindaloo: Originally a Goan dish, vindaloo is a fiery and tangy curry known for its use of vinegar and a blend of spices. It’s often associated with very high levels of heat.
  7. Balti: While it has origins in Pakistani cuisine, the balti curry has become popular in the UK. It’s a stir-fried curry cooked in a flat-bottomed wok-like pan called a “balti.”
  8. Saag (or Palak) Curry: A curry made with spinach or other greens, often paired with meat or paneer (Indian cheese).
  9. Paneer Tikka Masala: Similar to chicken tikka masala, this version features paneer (Indian cheese) in a creamy tomato sauce.
  10. Lamb Bhuna: A slow-cooked curry dish known for its intense flavor and thick, rich sauce.


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